Prayers for the Family of Paul Castell

We send prayers for the family of Paul Castell, and for the families of all the teenagers involved in the recent car accident in West Forsyth. This is a horrific accident and another reason to talk to your kids about the effects of drugs and alcohol. One poor choice can be life threatening for them or for their friends.

As parents we have to educate ourselves on what teens are using. Please review the link to the drug summit on this site and talk to your teens about drugs and alcohol. Make sure you know where they are going and that parents will be there. Show up unexpectedly on occasion so they know you are watching. Watch social media as well but realize that they may have more than one account. Just keep your eyes open. There is no easy solution. Education is the best prevention.

The next Forsyth County Drug Summit will be August 19th, 2014. 6pm at the conference center. Plan to attend.