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Forsyth County Drug Summit April 19,2016

finding hope above the triangle


April 19th at 6:00 P.M.

Cumming, GA, April 11, 2016– Substances and ways of using drugs are ever-changing.  Please mark your calendars to join us at the April 19 Summit at the Forsyth Conference Center located at 3410 Ronald Reagan Boulevard, Cumming GA 30041.  Doors open at 6:00 p.m.  Tuesday evening’s Summit includes special speaker Report Jeremy Campbell from the Inside the Heroin Triangle series.  This powerful free-to-the-public Drug Summit provides our local communities with a way to stay ahead of the deadly trends by educating, promoting prevention, sharing resources for recovery, and providing hope.

“We encourage families to take time to attend the Forsyth County Drug Summit and stay pro-active in our communities and at home.  The key to success is a combination of Prevention, Destigmatization, Recovery, Hope, and the time to start making a difference is now.”  Program Director, Tammy Nicholson

The Forsyth County Drug Awareness Council was created in 2013 by local community leaders who saw a need to take action to educate, advocate, and empower our communities about substance abuse prevention, recovery, and hope.  The response at first 2013 Summit was tremendous and has continued each year.  In 2015 the Council became a newly grant funded Drug Free Community Coalition and continues to grow in its outreach and impact.

Would you like to join the council or request more information?  If so, please contact Forsyth County Drug Awareness Council at 770-887-1710 or email at

Lights of Hope Event set for Sept 17th at 7pm, Forsyth County Courthouse

The Lights of Hope event is set for September 17th at 7pm at the Forsyth County Courthouse. Candles will be lit in honor of those in recovery, for those still in active addiction and in memory of those we have lost to addiction. There will be stories of loss, love and hope. Please join us in honor and support of those you love. We are all touched by addiction. Help bring awareness to this disease.

We look forward to seeing you there!Lights of Hope Sept 17

Forsyth County Drug Awareness Council to Meet Jan 23rd

The Forsyth County Drug Awareness Council will meet to start of the 2015 year, January 23rd, 2015. Forsyth County has had at least three more recent overdoses. These are Forsyth County young people. The council is working in conjunction with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office to institute additional prevention programs in the schools. The last Drug Summit was held in August of 2014 with about 400 people in attendance.

We’ll update you on continued plans to educate and advocate for Drug Prevention in the county.

Here is a link to the recording of the last drug summit, meant to be educational for the public in regards to drug abuse in our area. Awareness Summit, August 19, 2014&VideoPath=Specials&NowPlaying=103931415&Vimeo=True

Prayers for the Family of Paul Castell

We send prayers for the family of Paul Castell, and for the families of all the teenagers involved in the recent car accident in West Forsyth. This is a horrific accident and another reason to talk to your kids about the effects of drugs and alcohol. One poor choice can be life threatening for them or for their friends.

As parents we have to educate ourselves on what teens are using. Please review the link to the drug summit on this site and talk to your teens about drugs and alcohol. Make sure you know where they are going and that parents will be there. Show up unexpectedly on occasion so they know you are watching. Watch social media as well but realize that they may have more than one account. Just keep your eyes open. There is no easy solution. Education is the best prevention.

The next Forsyth County Drug Summit will be August 19th, 2014. 6pm at the conference center. Plan to attend.

Forsyth County Drug Summit February 25th, 2014

If you missed the Forsyth County Drug Summit in February, you really missed an informative event. Our Sheriff’s Department did a fantastic job describing what to look for in a child that may be experimenting with drugs, and had drugs on hand for parents to view as well as paraphernalia. There was additional information on signs for parents to look for, which kids may be more likely to use and a great testimonial from Ryan Stringfield, who is in recovery and now works on prevention programs in schools throughout North Atlanta. You can view the entire event on you tube. Stay tuned for what the Forsyth County Drug Awareness Council is working on next!