“I remember discovering our child was smoking pot. There is such a wave of emotions you go through, questions you have no answers for and a feeling that you have no where to turn. Shame and guilt are overwhelming. You want to get your child help but you are afraid your neighbors will think you did a poor job parenting”, shares Sherry Ajluni, Forsyth County parent. That is why the Parent Recovery Network was formed. PRN is a support group for parents as well as a resource. “We want to provide education to parents on recovery for their children as well as for themselves. Intervention needs to be quick and we’d like to help other parents learn from our experience.” says Sherry.

Go to the Parent Recovery Network page for contact information and meeting times.

Want the help of a counselor or interventionist right away? The list below is not all inclusive but gives you a choice of some top local addiction counselors. We believe it is imperative that the counselor have experience and training in addiction counseling. An assessment with the parents and child will determine what the best next steps will be. We are not listing treatment centers as we believe that list is better left to the counselors and depends on the needs of the patient as well as the financial abilities of the family. The counselors listed below will guide you to the right options for your child and your family.

There is a national treatment guide developed by SAMSHA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) but we really recommend an assessment first.


Kirsten Banks, MA, LPC  Cumming, GA    770-527-1236,

Solutions, Dr. Bob Margolis, Roswell, GA                             Intensive Outpatient Program, 678.624.0930

Jo Abney, NCC, LPC, CADC  Cumming,GA                                           Call 770-630-6892

SIMPLIFIED- Life Solutions Roswell, GA                                                                                       Emily Shupert Ph.D, LPC, MABC,    Hannah Rinehart LPC,                     Haley Gage LAPC, MA,            (404)2107907

Summit Counseling                                                                                  Rev. Ewell Hardman M.DIV, MAC, CCS, Master Addiction Counselor, Certified Clinical Supervisor, Spiritual Director, Staff Therapist , 678-893-5300


Interventionists may be helpful if you have a child that is unwilling to go to treatment and just to give you advice on treatment options. They can play an advisory role or actually help transport the child to a recovery facility. We have two full time interventionists right in Forsyth!

Heather Hayes                                                                                                                                        1-800-335-0316

Brad Baker                                                                                                                  404-308-1151

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