The Forsyth County Drug Awareness Council includes members of the Forsyth County School System and will be collaborating on prevention programs for middle and high schools in Forsyth.

As a parent, the best prevention is education. Come to the drug summits, read information online about drugs and know how to talk to your middle and high schoolers openly and honestly about drugs and their affect on young, growing minds. Telling kids that drugs are bad is not very effective. Try to explain why drugs and alcohol are bad for them, what it does to their brains and how that can affect them long term, from their mental health, physical health and IQ. Here are some tips on talking to your kids about drugs.

The NIDA has an easy read website for discussion starters on how to talk to your kids including videos. Click here.

Preventing Drug Abuse really starts in adolescence. Did you know that 90% of all patients in drug treatment centers started using drugs or alcohol between the ages of 12-15?  If we can prevent our teens from using they are much less likely to become addicted. Read more here.

If you think a little marijuana is ok, think again. Numerous studies now point to how dangerous this drug is to adolescent minds. The brain continues to form until age 25. Read more about the effects of marijuana here.  Marijuana is now proven to be addictive and changes the brain of the user. It also lowers the IQ of the user. The National Institute on Drug Abuse website has other research for your discussion. Click here.

National statistics are staggering. Over 50% of high schoolers will try an illicit drug by their senior year. Over 60% will have tried alcohol. Although the statistics gathered through the GA Dept of Education for Forsyth County is lower, the actual use may be much higher. Even if only 25% of our youth are trying drugs and alcohol, this is too many. This is an epidemic that affects the entire community. It’s time for the entire community to get involved.

National statistics on Drug Use

GA Statistics on Drug Use

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Raising Awareness on Drug Prevention