My Child is Using. Now What?

You just caught your child using drugs or alcohol, or heard from another parent that they have been using. Now what do you do? Maneuvering the maze of drug and alcohol resources online can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve developed a short list of local counselors as resources as well as a parent support group called the Parent Recovery Network.

You are not alone. This disease effects over 17 million each year. The first thing to do is look for help both for yourself and for your child. The Parent Recovery Network can help with support for you to keep your life and keep you out of enabling your child’s drug use and also provide suggestions on recovery for your child. Since addiction affects the entire family, it is called a family disease. That DOES NOT mean you caused it. That only means it affects everyone in the family as you probably already know. Depending on how frequently and what your child is using, they may need inpatient treatment. The list of counselors and interventionists on the resources page can help you get started. has a good e book on what to do if you suspect your child is using and tips on how to intervene. Click here.

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