(Photo by TN, Dana Bryan and Victoria Ray, Oct 2018)

Who I am:  

I am a former middle school teacher in Georgia.  Since 1995, I have been giving presentations on the subject of drug prevention.  Unfortunately, I learned firsthand about drugs when my daughter became involved with drugs and died as a result two weeks before her 16th birthday.  Since then, it has been my passion to help adolescents and teens realize the truth about the world of drugs and the importance of each choice they make.

I have given many presentations over the years to school and church groups, students at Brenau University, youth who attend the Teen Institute of Emory at Oxford each summer, and other audiences.  The majority of my presentations are now made to middle-school health students in the Gwinnett County school system, where I taught and used to live.

I am donating a portion of my speaking time to Forsyth County, where I live now, in order to reach adolescents and teens here as well.  Forsyth County is a wonderful community.  This is my way to be a part of making it strong and healthy for current and future generations.

My presentation is entitled “Lauren’s story: The Truth about the World of Drugs.”  However, it is really a story about the importance of the choices made by those who hear it.  Lauren’s story is simply used as an example of points that help students become better decision makers and have more confidence.

“Lauren’s story really made me start thinking about my life. ” CW

“Your lesson really opened up all of our eyes.” KM

“I know some teens may say they won’t do drugs but I mean it.  Now that I’ve seen more about drugs, I choose never to do them.”  AN

“Thank you for sharing Lauren’s story with me.  It really helped me think of the outcome of drugs can do to me … Now I know don’t ever try a drug because that one time could become forever. So thank you sooo much …” DG


Dana’s References:

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