Help Us Grow


If you are a concerned citizen or have any ideas or resources for drug prevention work please contact us or join our cause by contacting Rachel Kayden at


Please join our monthly meeting held at United Way of Forsyth County,240 Elm St. Cumming, GA 30040, at 8:00 a.m. on the first Wednesday of the month.


Who we need:

We are a continuously growing group of community citizens.  The coalition is made up of members from 12 sectors: parents, government leaders, law enforcement, youth serving organizations, youth, business representatives, religious organizations, substance abuse organizations, healthcare professionals, media, schools, and civic/volunteer groups.  Our community is our responsibility and we could use your help.



What we do that you can get involved in:


DRUG PREVENTION WORK IN FORSYTH COUNTY.We provide current community assessment of what is going on in our town.  We help collaborate ideas and bring organizations together to better educate and serve the community.  The council is also always developing programs to provide services to the community for drug prevention.  This includes changing laws, creating school programs for youth support, educating parents, the youth and more.  We are always growing and changing to adapt to the community's needs.